Osteopathy for adults and the elderly

At adulthood, life challenges are numerous; to the pursuit of personal projects adds responsibilities, obligations and the unforeseen. The daily adaptation overloads the body which, overtaken by events, becomes vulnerable. Osteopathy can help by giving back some mobility and by restoring the condition of certain overloaded body parts: the back, the neck, the shoulders, the lower limbs, the digestive system, and the nervous system. With its global interventions, osteopathy can help the body’s auto regulation process allowing it to regain equilibrium.

As time flies by with work, children, responsibilities, it is essential to grant oneself a health break and take care of our bodily «vehicle». Whether it is for pain or as a preventative measure, it is important to take some time for oneself.

The years pass by and body ageing is a normal process. It is possible that at retirement, appears some stiffness thus making execution of simple daily life motions harder to carry out and coordinate. The weight of the years and the fatigue accumulates. The wearing of the systems makes them more vulnerable to life’s bad weather: pain and functional difficulty are then more frequent. Osteopathy helps to slow the process by facilitating blood circulation, by relieving pain, by restoring equilibrium and by strengthening immunity. As many ways to help appreciate the retirement and elderly period.

don’t wait. Go ahead !

Osteopathy can provide benefits at any age.

«Life is movement.»
– Andrew Taylor Still


It is possible to consult your osteopath as a preventative measure to observe and stabilize the weaker zones of your body and to optimize the mobility faculties, the gestural coordination and to minimize the risk of falls. Osteopathy, by its unique approach, allows maintaining and regaining a daily functional confort (walking, sports, cultural and familial activities) and therefore improving your health potential. The treatment will be companied with advices and exercises to ensure sustainability of the session’s benefit.

In osteopathy, it is possible to consult as a curative measure in cases of shoulder problems, of lumbar pain, of hip pain and the entire degenerative joint phenomenon’s causing static disorders and pain, as well as for the loss of balance sensation and pseudo vertigo.
As for the osteoarthritis, since the osteopath works to improve posture, mobility and flexibility, it is frequent to notice a slowdown of this ageing process and an important reduction of pain.
With our team of physiotherapy and Pilates professionals, your osteopath will be able to guide you towards a physical activity program adapted to your condition to furthermore improve your state of health.

«Physical fitness is the first
requisite to happiness.»

–Joseph Pilates–