Clinique Inspiration… the best of yourself at all ages

Inspiration is the realization of the dream of a young entrepreneur. After a career as a manager in a large corporation, after the birth of her two daughters, after choosing not to wait… Inspiaration opened its doors in 2007 with a simple mandate: do good!

The adventure is full of twists, but so rewarding!

  • May 2007: Opening
  • January 2009: Addition of a globally recognized Pilates coach certification
  • Janury 2010: Creation of member packages and online reservations for more efficiency
  • Novembre 2010: The owner surround herself with a business partner, Julie Robinson, Oesteopath
  • January 2011: Expansion: offering 2 times more space to our customers
  • March 2011: Opening of the Osteopathy clinic for the whole family
  • December 2012: Launch of a new website with improved online reservations
  • July 2015: Launch of therapeutic Pilates by our physiotherapy professionals. We are unique in Quebec!
  • March 2017: Launch of the new logo and trademark Clinique Inspiration

Enjoy an inspiring experience through Pilates, osteopathy and physiotherapy so that all (young and older) develop their body awareness and discover the best version of themselves.

Be a Quebec leader in rehabilitation and safe training by our methods, expertise and the quality of our professionals in Pilates, osteopathy and physiotherapy.

Our values

That’s right, we’re a little different. But our idealism and our desire to do good come from deep values that make who we are.

We convey these values in order to provide a positive and inspiring experience for our customers, employees and suppliers.

  • Our first inspiration is to always do good to the body and the mind
  • We always want to keep an open mind since we believe that sharing knowledge is a wealth for all
  • Satisfaction of our customers is our motto
  • We want to encourage our employees in their passions to make them exciting and inspiring humans
  • We know how to use our creativity and imagination to always find winning situations for everyone
  • One of our goals is to participate in the success and growth of a local business in an unknown business sector
  • Our passion is to promote the health and well-being of humans to push them to the best of themselves

Our politics

Inspiration offers a relaxing atmosphere. Please respect the following policies:

  • Please close your cellphone before entering
  • Leave your shoes at the entrance or at the cloakroom
  • Speak in a lower voice to respect the tranquility of the place
  • Avoid gum to help you concentrate
  • Wear comfortable clothing

To better serve you, make sure you always have an appointment and respect it.

Cancellation Policy

If you can’t come to an appointment, please notify us by phone at 450-681-0007 or by email at 24 hours in advance to avoid late cancellation fees.

«Physical fitness is the first
requisite to happiness.»

– Joseph Pilates –