Athletes and pilates

At Clinique Inspiration, Pilates on appliances is used as a tool to help increase some important fitness determinants, no matter what sport you practice. In addition, Pilates is a method that promotes control and body awareness: two essential qualities in an athlete.

When you practice a sport and you repeat the same actions to perfect certain important movements for you discipline, you create, without wanting it, muscular imbalances. Some muscles are overtrained while others, on the contrary, are often left out. These muscle imbalances are often the cause of injuries. With your Pilates practice you will further develop your physical qualities, such as strength and muscular endurance, balance, coordination and structural factors (posture, alignment of segments, and control of the pelvis). The better are your improvements, the better your performance will be.

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As Joseph Pilates once said, “control is not a system of random exercices designed solely to develop inflated muscles.” The control system, now called Pilates, uses sequences of fluid movements that are intelligently linked in order to maximize the work of the postural muscles (deep abdominal, gluteus medius, latissimus dorsi, etc.) and reduce the work of superficial muscles (quadriceps, trapeze, etc.) which are often too much stressed.

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You can experience the benefits of Pilates right away.

«In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see it, and in 30 you’ll have a new body
– Joseph Pilates

Whoever you are, be Pilates!

Pilates on equipments for athletes or very fit people brings several elements that we do not find in majority of other disciplines. Inspiring postural education that we do at Inspiration will let you discover plenty of new much deeper muscles and bring you balance in a much healthier body. The teaching we do allows you to improve your body awareness and you will be able to use your new knowledge during your other workouts.

Absolutely! Pilates really tones the muscles without sweeling them. Elongation is an element always taught during more muscular exercices, which makes it possible to tone while maintaining the muscular elasticity. The abdominals can be completely tonned.

If you find Pilates easy, it’s surely because you use your favorite (stronger) muscles and that you compensate effectively to perform the requested movement. To feel the benefits, you have to get out of these automatisms and let yourself discover the 7 postural positions that we teach as well as the deeper muscles we are aiming for. If you run the directory with the right principles, you will no longer find Pilates so easy. You may be advised to discover the depths of Pilates with some private sessions to correct the automatisms your body uses in order to perform the exercises well. That’s what makes all the difference!

«Physical fitness is the first
requisite to happiness»

– Joseph Pilates –