Be reimbursed by your private insurance

In the vast majority of cases, insurance companies cover the cost of care in physiotherapy and osteopathy. Some insurances plans may require a doctor’s prescription before accepting claims. Also, for some insurance companies, it is imperative that treatments are provided by a physiotherapist, pht or an osteopath, D.O.

Beforehand, contact your insurer for more information about the covered services and terms and conditions for the reimbursement of treatments under your insurance contract.

See the memo written by the College explaining to the insurers that the T.R.P. are members of the College and are authorized to practice physiotherapy.


At Inspiration we receive customers who are entitled to a refund by the SAAQ for physiotherapy treatments following a road accident. The treatments will be the same as our private clients and our treatments, one by one, are always of 55 minutes duration. We do not charge any supplements and your sessions will be directly reimbursed by the SAAQ when previously approved (a period of 3 weeks is normally required to receive the authorization).

For more information on the reimbursement of physiotherapy treatments, see the following link.

Unfortunately, our policies do not allow us to receive CSST clients.


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