Three large annual Pilates sessions

We organize schedules per session three times a year to meet the needs of regular customers. Many clients will choose to come one, two or even three times a week in specific classes and make their reservations for the entire session (about 17 weeks).
The registration period allows us to organize regular schedules of those looking for stability and wanting to obtain a regular time slot (ex. every Monday evening at 7 pm) for the entire duration of the session. When you make a commitment for a full session you get the best price because we plan with you in advance an important course bank.

As soon as the registration period is over and throughout the sessions, we remain really flexible. Random changes are always allowed with our 24-hour notice policy. If you inform us of your absence 24 hours before a course you have booked, this course will be available and will return to your account (with the same expiration date) and can be used for a new reservation of your choice.

For those who would not want to join a full session. No problem. You can pay à la carte or have a book of 10 group courses in your account (valid for a year). If you become a follower, find out about our annual packages with a coordinator.

Join the session at any time!



View the autumn 2019 schedule (from september 2nd to december 28)

* Holiday period (one week period) except session in which a group course schedule is available with a la carte or annual packages.

Changes can be managed directly by you on our website or with the application. Otherwise, call us or see a coordinator, they are always there for you.

don’t wait. go ahead!

You can experience the benefits of Pilates right away.

«In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see it, and in 30 you’ll have a new body.»
– Joseph Pilates

At Clinique Inspiration, all our Pilates specialists are health professionals (physiotherapist, TRP, kinesologist) and holds of a Pilates certification. We are also the training center of the Peak Pilates system. Recognized worldwide, this incomparable training is unique in Quebec and is aimed at individuals seeking authentic, complete and progressive Pilates certification. The complete program includes 3 levels developed to be a progressive program. Each level is based on the previous level.

Pilates replacing traditional bodybuilding exercises, no longer require a sustained cardio-vascular effort. So Pilates on appliances will firm your silhouette by toning your muscles, while keeping them flexible and elongated. Improving your body awareness will certainly help you make decisions (calorie intake vs calorie burned), but it’s not the Pilates that will make you lose weight, but your new understanding of the body

There is no age limit and no special morphology for practicing Pilates on appliances. At any age and no matter what your physical condition, Pilates will be good for you!

«Physical fitness is the first
requisite to happiness»

– Joseph Pilates –