How to start Pilates

“The Basics” Session | 50$

This 55-minute private session is essential to discover the teaching that we will do with you. The 7 postural positions will be taught according to your strengths and weaknesses so that you can fully enjoy the rest of your Pilates experience.

The Physiotherapy Evaluation | 90$

This 55-minute session with a physiotherapist is recommended for those who want to use Pilates to relieve pain or to do precise postural work. Your physical health (history, injuries, flexibility, strength, etc.) will be evaluated in order to recommend you the right treatment plan and the right way to use the workout in your fitness.
(Receipt are given in physiotherapy).

Group rates

The Teaser

Unlimited access for your first month in our group lessons (one per client)99$

À la carte

For each of your visits in a group class26$

Book of 10 courses

Available for 12 months240$

Book of 20 courses

Available for 12 months450$

In session

Join one of our 3 great annual sessions! Uses over a fixed period. .21,50$ per course** :1 x per week
19,50$ per course** :2x per week

** Payable in 4 payments made by credit card or post-dated checks.

If you become a fan, ask about our annual packages to one of the reception coordinator.

Personalized Pilates training rates

Private session
(55min. with a specialist)

À la carte65$
Book of 5 sessions (available for 6 months)300$
Book of 10 sessions (available for 12 months)550$
PROMOTION (À la carte):
Monday to Friday, between 1 pm and 3 pm

Semi-private sessions
(55 min. 2 clients per specialists)

À la carte (price per person)45$
Book of 5 sessions
(price per person, available for 6 months)
Book of 10 sessions
(price per person, available for 12 months)
PROMOTION : Monday to Friday, between 1 pm and 3 pm33$

Trio Sessions
(55 min. 3 clients with one specialist)

À la carte (price per person)35$
Book of 5 courses (price per person, use over 6 months)150$
Book of 10 courses (price per person, use over 12 months)275$
PROMOTION : Monday to Friday, between 1 pm and 3 pm (price per person)25$

«Physical fitness is the first
requisite to happiness.»

– Joseph Pilates –